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Winter Skincare Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

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The combination of exterior sub-zero temperatures and the warm temperatures of our homes and office can have a detrimental effect on our skin, particularly for those prone to acne. It is a well-known fact the winters in Ontario can cause our skin to lose significant moisture. 

Thankfully, there are a number of preventive measures to help keep our skin healthy and treatments to improve the health during the winter months. 

Properly Moisturize and Hydrate the Skin 

Moisturizers are key during the dry winter months even when acne breakouts are evident. The skin cells need sufficient hydration at all times, especially when harsh topical acne medications are being used. Use an oil free moisturizer daily in small amounts to enhance the health of the skin cells. 

Switch to a Gentle Cleanser

Cleansers play an important role in the daily skincare routine. During the warmer months, our skin is exposed to an excess of harmful ultraviolet rays, sweat, and oils. The same cleanser used for these conditions may be too potent for the face during the colder months. Using a gentle cleanser may help ward off the winter acne while properly conditioning the skin cells. 

Stop Touching Your Face

Habitual behaviour can see us trying to stop the itchiness and aggravation experienced by acne by constantly touching or rubbing the face. Oily skin patches can easily be spread across the face by touching the affected area. 

Stop Over-Washing 

The colder temperatures can cause us to retreat to the bathroom to wash our face more than once a day. Don’t do it! Excessive cleaning and use of cleansers and soap can lead to our skin cells drying out faster. If you need a wake-up call to your skin cells, splash some cold water on the face and leave the gentle cleansing to the evening routine. 

Use a Mild SPF

History has taught us using an SPF on a daily basis year-round is an essential part of a regular skincare routine. With any acne breakouts, it is still important to continue to use sunscreen. Consider using a noncomedogenic mild SPF level to maintain protection while preventing further damage to your skin. 

Drink Enough Water to Keep Your Skin Hydrated 

It cannot be emphasized enough. Water is the best defense for your skin against dryness and flakiness. The skin cells require constant hydration to remain healthy. Drinking two litres of water each day can help protect and repair your dry skin cells. 

Limit the Use of Hot Water

On a cold winter’s evening, there is nothing better than taking a hot shower before bed. This is another no-no for your skin cells. Hot water and steam remove the skin cells’ natural sebum oils, which are produced to protect the skin cells. Use lukewarm water when in the bath, shower, or even while washing your face. 

Get a Professional Acne Scar Treatment

Prevention of acne is key year-round but there is no guarantee you will not suffer from breakouts. For those times when your skin produces red irritating bumps, try an acne treatment at a professional skincare clinic. There are even acne scar treatments to address scars from years past. 

Skincare treatments such as chemical peels, Laser peels, microneedling, and PRP have all been shown to help address acne prone skin. 

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels come in a variety of different solutions and strengths, which enables the aesthetician to entirely customize a treatment program to suit individual needs. These peels include kojic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, glycolic acid, and Jessners. All peels are designed to gently remove superficial layers of skin to reveal fresh, new skin cells underneath without causing significant downtime.

Spectra Carbon Peel

A Spectra Carbon Peel or Hollywood laser peel is designed to treat mild to moderate acne and acne scars on all skin types. It exfoliates the dead inflammatory skin cells and revitalizes skin cells. Laser heat kills the bacteria and shrinks the size of sebum glands resulting in less oil production and reduces enlarged pores, smoothens textures, and evens skin tone. Laser breaks the pigment and reduces the appearance of dark spots significantly. As an FDA-approved skin treatment, this type of peel is safe and effective with no downtime required. 

Lutronic Infini

With the use of microneedles and radio-frequency energy together, the Lutronic Infini treatment is one of the more popular and effective acne scar treatments in dermatology clinics. Infini RF microneedling provides very precise and customized treatments as the operator can choose different needle depths and energy levels based on the patient’s skin thickness and severity of scarring. The gold-plated needle tips release radiofrequency energy which stimulates the production of stimulating collagen and elastin production. It even works on skin cells with moderate to severe scarring. 

Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP)

As the PRP treatment uses the patient’s own blood, the risk of complication is minimal. Treat acne and acne scars with this form of facial rejuvenation therapy. The PRP serum is injected beneath the scar tissue to increase elastin and collagen production, form new cells, and diminish the appearance of scars. 


Microneedling has long been used as a treatment for blemishes and acne. It is a safe treatment that causes tiny skin punctures. These skin punctures stimulate collagen production, thereby minimizing the look of scars while improving the overall skin appearance. 

For all of your acne therapy and acne scar treatments, talk to the skincare specialists at Heart Lake Aesthetics. Our state-of-the art facility offers a range of skincare treatments to address a variety of skin conditions, including acne. We also offer numerous products such as Alumier MD and Vivier Acne kits that can be used at home and in conjunction with out on-site treatments. Call us today!

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