Large Pores & Open Pores Treatment in Brampton

Enhance the overall appearance of you skin with our enlarged pore treatments

Everyone has pores, however; some may have larger pores than others. Enlarged pores are hollow indents on the skin’s surface that contain openings to the ducts which carry sweat and oil from the sebaceous glands. We provide great Open Pores Treatment in Brampton to reduce the size of your pores which can enhance your overall beauty and skin texture.

Spectra Peel for Enlarged Pores

This is an effective procedure with lasting results for enlarged pores. This is the latest treatment that has no down time and will have your skin looking smooth and refreshed. In the first session, the outer most layer of the epidermis is safely removed to promote growth of new skin, this results in the reduction of enlarged pores. Usually 3-5 treatments will be required for long-lasting results. Contact us for more information regarding the Spectra Peel treatment.

Heart Lake Aesthetics Treatments for Enlarged Pores

We offer a variety of skin care rejuvenating treatments that help diminish enlarged pores. Here are some of our revitalizing treatments that can aid in reducing the appearance of your pores:

Chemical peels
– Microdermabrasion

Benefits of our Enlarged Pores Treatments

  • Reduces large pores
  • Smooths out uneven skin tone
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • No downtime
  • Safe for all skin types​ 

What to Expect

Duration Depending on the treatment it can take up to an hour or more

Recommended Sessions 3-5 sessions or every three weeks to maintain clinical results

Post-Treatment Care Avoid sun exposure

Frequently Asked Questions

Is one session enough?

We recommend at least three sessions for great results.

If I want to maintain results do I need to repeat the sessions?

Yes, our aestheticians typically advise to come in at least once a month to maintain clinical results.

Are the treatments expensive?

We provide our treatments at very reasonable costs, contact us for pricing details.

Should I avoid using products before procedure?

Yes, we advise that you refrain from applying any products before your treatment

We Provide the Best Treatments for Open Pores In Brampton & Caledon

Enhancing your beauty never felt better

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