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Find the best skincare specialist in Brampton at our trusted clinic. You won’t have to look any further when you’re in the care of our practitioners. We care about your desired results and properly communicate with each patient to successfully achieve the anticipated outcome.


Remarkable Procedures Performed by Reputable Medical Aestheticians at Our Aesthetic Clinic Brampton

Heart Lake Aesthetics has been providing medical cosmetic procedures to help patients with various skin concerns along with advanced cosmetic enhancements. For the past 10 years, we have strived to be one of the best skincare clinics in Brampton – offering treatments with state-of-the art technology and modern techniques. Conveniently located in the beautiful area of Heart Lake in Northern Brampton, our aesthetics clinic provides skincare services for patients from all over the greater Toronto area.

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Our Most Popular Treatments Offered at Our Aesthetic Clinic in Brampton:

We provide exceptional Botox treatments performed in a credible setting by board-certified skincare specialists.
Our Heart Lake Botox clinic serving in Caledon, & Brampton has been providing Botox treatments for over a decade and all our patients have seen incredible results in terms of the areas of concerns. Come see our team to diminish those fine lines and wrinkles and claim that youthful look.

These three amazing procedures all work effectively towards combatting certain skin concerns. Depending on
your problematic areas, the treatments can help with skin texture, acne scarring, promoting collagen, and a
greater list of benefits. Additionally, PRP treatments have been popularized for its ability to restore hair
growth. The best aesthetic clinic in Caledon, & Brampton Heart Lake Aesthetics, will guide you through an elite
experience with these treatments. Our exceptional expertise goes unnoticed.

Heart Lake Aesthetics is a leading provider in skin tightening and wrinkle reduction treatments. We use a revolutionary machine known as Lutronic Infini which is used for a variety of concerns such as stretch marks and wrinkle reduction.

Used primarily to treat fine lines, age spots, dark patches, broken blood vessels, and unwanted hair, PhotoFacials are highly in demand in the medical aesthetics industry because of its beneficial properties. Also known as the IPL treatment, this procedure is a safe and quick way to treat your unwanted concerns with minimal sessions.

This treatment is meant to give your face an airbrushed look, even when your is makeup applied. This procedure buffs your skin leaving you with baby-smooth skin. Read through our page to find out more about our microdermabrasion Brampton treatment. You will definitely want this procedure after reading all its fantastic benefits.

We offer the Spectra Carbon Peel for mild to moderate scars and Lutonic Infini for moderate to severe scarring. Our practitioners will assess your skin and determine which procedure to go about. We only use the best of the best the industry offers. Say goodbye to your scarring for good!

Remarkable Procedures Performed by our Reputable Medical Aestheticians Brampton

Our aesthetics clinic offers a comprehensive range of advanced cosmetic treatments appropriate for all skin types. Some of our medically innovative treatments include resurfacing and body tightening, platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), Botox, dermal fillers, and much more. We are known to be an advanced Botox clinic in Brampton with highly professional medical aestheticians who perform the procedures. Additionally, we are exceptional experts that specialize in mole, skin tag, and keratosis removals.

Our Popular Body Treatments:

Give Your Body The Pampering it Wants

Even with a strict fitness schedule, some body parts can be stubborn in terms of storing excess body fat and
cellulite production. Worry not, our modern technology is exceptional with skin tightening and treating cellulite issues. We use Venus Legacy treatments that is known to be one of the most innovative technologies in the market for cellulite concerns. Get in touch with our aesthetic clinic in serving in Brampton, & Caledon for more information.

We use safe and effective state-of-the-art technology that is proven to show outstanding results in hair removal. Our medical aesthetic clinic serving in Caledon, & Brampton uses Cutera Coolglide and Clarity II to effectively treat hair
removal and leave you with flawless results. Smooth, hairless skin never felt better.

Experience Quality

Heart Lake Aesthetics is equipped with the latest, up-to-date technology with reputable and trained professionals who carry out the procedures effectively and safely. Our top priority is to ensure our patients experience quality treatments with a gentle approach.

Heart Lake Aesthetics

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