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Our clinic has a broad range of services that will help achieve your desired body goals. From laser hair removal treatments, body sculpting, or cellulite removal procedures, our establishment is fully equipped with medical-grade devices that will successfully treat your concerns. Everyone’s body is beautiful in its own way, but sometimes we deserve that boost of enhancement that contributes to our self-care. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is what we strive to do for you.

Body Treatments

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Ever wondered what treatment can reverse the appearance of sun damage and improve skin tone and texture during the process? Well, that is what PhotoFacial treatments (IPL) are for. This procedure is in high demand due to its amazing benefits. Our IPL PhotoFacial Brampton specialists will perform the procedure and can guarantee gorgeous results.
Laser hair

It is time to throw away that razor, cancel those waxing appointments, and free your skin of any hair with our effective full-body laser hair removal treatment in Brampton. Whether it is summertime or not, you want to have baby-smooth skin with no razor burns.

This ground-breaking treatment has made headlines for its lasting benefits. Also known as vampire facials, Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) is a procedure that uses the patient’s own blood to revitalize the skin and promote hair growth.
Body Contouring

Body Contouring

Non-surgical body contouring is a treatment used to tone your body and get rid of excess fat. It is the go-to option for anyone who has stubborn fat that does not react to the appropriate diets and exercise. It is not necessarily a weight loss solution, but it is more about toning and sculpting your physique to give you the suitable body aesthetic that compliments your weight.
Skin Rejuvenation
Our dermatology clinic provides a broad range of skin rejuvenating procedures that target your unique needs. Whether you are dealing with dark under-eye circles or are in need of a smoother complexion, our methods of skin rejuvenation will have people asking for your skin routine.
skin tightening brampton
With age comes a loss of skin elasticity and firmness. This eventually leads to the appearance of saggy skin which makes people look older in age. We provide non-surgical treatments that will have you looking more youthful than ever before with our skin tightening and wrinkle reduction technology.
botox brampton
Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the medical aesthetics industry. Celebrities and beauty bloggers play a huge role in influencing and popularizing this enhancement treatment. Today, it is widely used by females and males from all age groups to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Fillers have become a widely popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment in the beauty world. Many may use it to reverse sign of aging while others use it to enhance their beauty. Our expert injectors gently perform the procedure to restore volume, soften creases, or improve appearance of facial contours.
microdermabrasion brampton
Polish your facial complexion with the finest microdermabrasion treatments we have to offer. This treatment is meant to give your face an airbrushed look, even when your makeup is applied. This procedure buffs your skin leaving you with baby-smooth skin. Read through our page to find out more about our treatments. You will definitely want this procedure after reading all its fantastic benefits!
Removal Treatments for Melasma & Hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation is an umbrella term used to describe skin conditions in which certain areas have noticeably darker patches. It can be caused by various factors such as acne scarring, medications, or inflammation from other conditions.
acne scar removal brampton
Your face is your canvas, feeling confident in your own skin is the best feeling. That is why we are here to help remove and diminish the appearance of those unwanted acne scars. Our dermatology clinic provides various treatments to choose from to treat those stubborn acne scars
Beautiful woman getting injection
Our vitamin therapy is an IV treatment that is filled with all the essential vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals your body needs. The IV therapy goes straight into the blood stream to help recharge and boost your energy and supports brightening the skin and face through its detoxification properties. Our vitamin therapy has a magnitude of great benefits that will not only help with the nutrients your hair needs, but it will clear the body of any toxins.

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