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The Best Laser Hair Removal Brampton

Machines & Products Used For Laser Hair Removal

Now is the perfect time to get rid of those unsightly body hairs before your next destination vacation or next summer! Laser hair removal in Brampton is available in various forms. One of the latest growing trends is use of the Lutronic Clarity II as this device provides an effective treatment for all skin types. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Treatment Work?

As one of the top three beauty treatments for both women and men, laser hair removal treatments are considered the ultimate alternative to using razors, waxes, and creams to remove unwanted body hair. 

While there are different types of machines and devices used for the cosmetic procedure, the basic science behind the laser hair removal is the same. The light of the laser beam is focused on the targeted area of the body to penetrate the skin surface to the melanin within the hair follicles. As the melanin absorbs the light energy, it is converted to heat, destroying the hair follicles responsible for hair production. 

The size of the skin targeted depends largely on the size of the laser hair removal device used. Laser hair removal therapy is needed over several separate sessions to destroy the hair follicles within one area due to the varying hair growth cycles. After the first session, any regrowth is finer. 

Lutronic Clarity II 

The specialized laser hair removal device known as Lutronic Clarity II has the top cosmetic and medical aesthetic technology used across the country in salons, spas, and clinics. This latest device offers customized treatment based on specific skin tones and a cooling effect to increase comfort. 

As the Clarity II uses a combination of 755nm Alexandrite laser module and the 1062nm Nd:YAG laser, the results are considered the most notable available. As one, these lasers form a hair removal treatment that penetrates better and faster for a more consistent removal. 

Many laser hair removal products on the market offer results for some skin types while the Clarity II is designed to respond to all pigmentation ranging from light to dark tones. The added IntelliTrak allows for wider coverage with each session. 

The newest addition of a cooling effect allows the Clarity II to produce a cryogen spray cooling solution ahead of the laser pulse. This helps to cool the surface of the skin and protect it from the light energy without the use of gel applications. 

How Is Lutronic Clarity II Different from Other Technologies?

The Clarity II is a dual wavelength laser system safe for all skin types. While this places it ahead of numerous other laser hair removal systems, it also provides pain-free treatment with the aid of the cooling technology.  

As this device offers a high repetition laser rate, dual wavelengths, and a dual fractional feature in one handpiece, the Clarity II is a medical aesthetician’s dream. Having the precise measurements of duration, spot sizes, wavelengths, thermal resting times, and fluent tendencies is a great advantage for users. 

Recipients will enjoy the capabilities of the Clarity II to remove ingrown hairs, treat all hair types, including coarse hairs, and be free from pain with no risk of scarring. 

What Can Be Treated with Lutronic Clarity II?

The advanced technology of the Clarity II laser hair removal device provides permanent solutions for all skin tones. Unlike many laser units, the Clarity II gives the user adjustable control for the appropriate skin type. 

Now, men and women with reddish hair and blonde hair have the same advantage as those with brown or black colour hair. This technology also services hair removal for darker skin tones without any limitations. 

Because of the unique built-in cryogen cooling spray, the Clarity II offers the benefit of having the laser hair removal therapy across any part of the skin surface, even the delicate portions of the body. 

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