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Photofacial: Now Is the Time to Remove Pigmentation

Photofacials in Brampton with intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy are the new wave of skincare for your sun-damaged skin. First developed for treating spider veins (telangiectasias), this modern technology can help diminish the look of dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

As exposure to extreme heat and ultraviolet rays can cause more pigmentation in the skin cells, fall and winter are the perfect seasons to have photofacial treatments. These seasons find most of us inside more and protected from the harmful UV rays as we bundle up from the cold air chill. 

How Photofacial Treatment Works for Pigmentation

A photofacial treatment in Brampton uses the technology of intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) to target dark pigmentation patches, broken blood vessels, fine lines, and hair follicles. 

The advanced light therapy can reduce or diminish the pigmentation of age spots caused by excessive sun exposure and hyperpigmentation. Age spots typically are a result of increased melanin production, which causes areas of the skin to appear darker. Age spots can be brown, gray, or red. 

Using wavelengths of light energy, the photofacial therapy can work to break up the deep melanin skin cells which will eventually expose a healthier complexion and an even skin tone. This is seen with the body’s natural healing process. The light energy promotes the production of collagen and elastin proteins, stimulating healthy skin cell growth. The intense pulsed light therapy is non-invasive safeguarding against damage to the skin cells. 

What Areas Can Be Treated by IPL Photofacial 

  • Blemishes and Freckles
  • Blotchy Skin
  • Fine Lines, And Age Spots
  • Large Pores 
  • Dark Patches
  • Broken Blood Vessels
  • Hair Removal

Photofacial Treatments to Remove Pigmentation 

A certified skincare specialist will use medical-grade machines to perform the photofacial treatment to remove pigmentation. The results of the therapy sessions are dependent on the individual’s skin tone and pigmentation issues. 

It is a painless treatment that can take up to 30 minutes per procedure. A cooling gel is applied to the targeted skin surface while the individual is provided with medical-grade protection glasses to wear. The specialist will use the hand-held wand to directly control the light pulses across the skin surface. 

With photofacial treatments, there is no recovery time and individuals can return to normal daily activities with a few precautions. As with most skin cell treatments, it is advised to protect the skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen and covering exposed areas between therapy sessions and afterwards. 

What Machines & Products Are Used for Photofacial Treatments?

Photofacial treatments are conducted with the use of advanced technology and intense pulsed light therapy devices. Skincare specialists use a handheld tool to penetrate the skin surface with light waves. The intense pulsed light machines are available in various sizes providing varying levels of strength. 

Each therapy machine provides customized settings to accommodate the needs and comfort of the patient. It is important to use the appropriate setting for the individual skin tone, targeted marking, and health of the skin cells. 

While in-home photofacial machines are available, the use of intense pulsed light therapy should be applied by a trained professional. 

Why Should You Not Perform Photofacials Treatments During the Summer?

Ultraviolet rays from the summer sun have been shown to promote the development of hyperpigmentation, changes in skin tone, aging skin appearance, wrinkles, and skin lesions. These lesions, referred to as sunspots, can appear anywhere on the body in various sizes as flat dark markings. 

Exposure to these dangerous UV rays during photofacial treatments can increase the risk of the skin’s sensitivity. It is during the summer that our skin’s production of melanin increases, thereby exposing the skin cells to further damage. 

Having photofacial sessions during the summer is possible under certain precautions, but for best results, and to avoid complications, the treated skin surfaces should not be exposed to ultraviolet rays for several weeks. 

As summer is months away, now is the time to book your photofacial treatments at a reputable skincare clinic. 

Get Professional IPL Photofacial Treatment in Brampton

For safe and effective treatments of IPL photofacial near you, contact Heart Lake Aesthetics. Our highly skilled and certified specialists have been helping men and women across Brampton enhance the health and beauty of their skin for more than 10 years. 

Our advanced medical cosmetic procedures for the body, hair, and facial features are performed with state-of-the-art technology. Call us to book a personal consultation with one of our skincare specialists!

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