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Microneedling: Exploring the Benefits of this Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Looking for a professional microneedling treatment near me? Learn more about this popular skin care therapy and how it can benefit you. 

What Is Microneedling and How Does It Work?

Microneedling is a non-surgical treatment used in both cosmetic and medical therapies to address skin conditions and issues. 

Considered a minimally invasive method, microneedling is referred to as Percutaneous Collagen Induction (PCI) or Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). As the needles cause micro-injuries, the body stimulates the production of the protein collagen to begin the healing process of the skin cells. 

Collagen is essential in maintaining the structure of the skin to prevent it from “sagging” and helps to plump the skin cells for a more youthful appearance. This results in a smooth and soft texture to the skin surface. 

The microneedling procedure is performed with a specialized device that sees the tiny needles penetrate into the layers of the skin. The depth is determined based on the condition of the skin as well as the targeted issues or concerns. 

Minor skin problems may require only one session while more problematic skin conditions may require several microneedling sessions for optimal results. Each session can last from 30 to 60 minutes. 

Benefits of Microneedling Near You


Ignite Collagen Production and Stimulate Skin Renewal 

As described, the tiny needles of a microneedling treatment force minor injury to the skin. The natural production of collagen restores the skin cells to a state of health from the micro-injuries. 

Once the body begins to heal itself, the area surrounding the tiny injection sites immediately plumps, diminishing the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring of the skin. 

Enhance Your Skin Tone and Texture with Microneedling

As microneedling therapy is designed to heighten collagen production, the tone and texture of the skin can be improved tenfold with just one treatment. Collagen quickly repairs and restores damaged skin cells to help reverse hyperpigmentation and marred skin cells. 

With renewed skin cells, the surface of the skin appears tighter and brighter with smaller pores. This results in a smooth texture and a more even skin tone. 

Supercharge Your Skincare Routine

Serums can be used in conjunction with the microneedling therapy to enhance the health of the skin cells. Due to the tiny holes that are created as a result of the needles, skincare lotions and gels are better able to target problematic areas deep within the skin levels. 

Embrace the Minimal Downtime and Non-Invasive Nature

One of the reasons microneedling is a popular choice for skincare treatments is the little to no downtime for recovery the therapy offers. Within the first 72 hours of treatment, the skin looks and feels healthier with a glowing complexion. Most people return to regular daily activities of work or school the same day. 

Microneedling: A Versatile Solution for Various Skin Types and Concerns

Did you know microneedling is a supreme solution to skincare issues such as acne, redness, and large pores? 

Topical acne treatments can be enhanced with the use of microneedling to target the underlying root cause of the acne. In addition, the scarring that develops from acne can be treated with the help of the tiny needles stimulating collagen production. 

Skin conditions such as rosacea can also benefit with the use of microneedling treatments because it increases collagen production. The result is less inflammation and irritation to the skin surface. 

Enlarged pores are unsightly and can cause acne and blackhead breakouts. Microneedling therapy plumps the area surrounding the pore, reducing the size and appearance. 

Choosing Professional Microneedling in Brampton Over At-Home Devices

While the skincare market offers various DIY microneedling devices for home use, the safest and most effective treatments are done by a certified professional aesthetician in an office setting. The at-home microneedling kits do not provide the same level of penetration as the needles used in a professional treatment. This can limit the stimulation of collagen production which is essential to skin rejuvenation. 

Book Your Microneedling Consultation Today at Heart Lake Aesthetics in Brampton 

For skin rejuvenation treatment with microneedling in Brampton, see the skilled technicians at Heart Lake Aesthetics. Our full range of cosmetic medical services are designed to improve the health and appearance of your skin. 

With our non-surgical microneedling treatments, you can have youthful glowing skin! Call us today at (647) 324-9255 or email us at info@heartlakeaesthetics.com for a consultation appointment. 

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