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Medical-Grade Facials

The Importance of Medical-Grade Facials

Medical-grade facials are not your average skin treatment. These facials are designed to address the underlying issues that cause your skin to be damaged, dry, sunken, or affected by age and environmental factors. 

Pure idyllic relaxation is another benefit to having a medical-grade facial. 

What Is a Medical-Grade Facial & How Does It Work?

A medical-grade facial treatment, such as a Hydrafacial treatment, involves the use of advanced technology and skin products to cleanse, exfoliate, and treat damaged skin cells. It uses vortex technology which works like a vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and easy extraction of impurities and dead skin cells. It also allows the active ingredients in boosters to penetrate deeper, for the most effective treatment possible.

The specific type of medical-grade facial treatment is determined based on health and quality of the target cells. These facials penetrate the surface to reach skin cells on all three layers of the skin. 

A HydraFacial has three basic steps:

  • Cleanse: The treatment deeply cleanses and exfoliates with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin.
  • Extract: It removes impurities from pores with painless gentle suction.
  • Hydrate: Infusion of serums and nourishing agents give the skin extra smoothness and a overall glow.

Why Do People Prefer Medical-Grade Facials?

A basic facial treatment offers a way to “wash away” the physical, emotional, and mental stress of the day. Found in forms of scrubs, face masks, and gentle massage packages, facials are a short-term fix to improve the skin’s glow. 

With a medical-grade facial, the products and tools used go deeper (literally) than just relaxation. These specialized treatments address the root cause of skin problems by treating underlying skin cells of all levels of the skin tissue. Most medical-grade facial results last for weeks and/or months. 

In addition, medical-grade facials can be paired with other treatments to enhance the results of the Hydrafacial treatment, for instance:  

  • LED Light Therapy deeply enhances your treatment by promoting healing within the skin. Our FDA-cleared device treats full-face wrinkles, and mild to moderate acne, while calming redness and reducing inflammation. 
  • Lymphathic Therapy is known to lift and contour for an instantly sculpted look. This add-on is incredible at reducing puffiness and redness and works to detoxify and optimize skin health.

Benefits of Medical-Grade Facials

The various forms of medical-grade facial treatment penetrate the skin’s surface to target underlying issues. This allows the particular treatment to rejuvenate skin cells, hydrated the cells, and treat the root cause of the problem. Here are some of the cutting-edge benefits of a HydraFacial treatment:

Effective for all Skin Types

A Hydrafacial treatment is effective for all skin types and can help reduce puffiness and even out skin tone to reveal immediate results after one session. 

Removes Toxins

A medical-grade facial gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin, drawing out toxins embedded deep into the pores while removing the dead skin cells and decongesting oily skin. 

Increases Collagen

Stimulating the underlying skin cells to regenerate boosts the natural production of collagen. This protein helps to strengthen the tissues and improve elasticity. It also hydrates and rejuvenates the skin to give it a glowing appearance. 

Improves Circulation

The removal of dead skin cells allows for an increase of blood flow to the skin cells and tissue. Medical-grade facials rejuvenate the cells which in turn improves absorption of water and nutrients. 

Addresses Skin Problems

As the facial treatments target skin cells, various options address skin problems such as scarring, enlarged pores, and hyperpigmentation to brighten and even out the skin’s complexion. 

Painless and Non-Invasive 

The specialized science and technology of medical-grade Hydrafacials provide a painless and more non-invasive option to treating various skin concerns, which means no downtime and no discomfort.  

Enhances Relaxation

While medical-grade facials are designed to improve the health of the skin, each treatment provides a chance for the entire body and mind to enter a state of relaxation. 

Tighter Skin

Increased blood-flow, rejuvenated skin cells, and a boost to collagen production help to tighten the skin providing a smoother texture. Medical-grade facials have been proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. 

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for Medical-Grade Facials?

Medical-grade Hydrafacials are designed to help most skin types and tones. This treatment can be personalized to adapt to the needs of specific skin conditions including wrinkles, sunspots, hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea. 

Ideal candidates will be confirmed with an initial assessment by a professional skincare specialist. Conditions that may hinder the treatment are sensitivity, medication use, allergies, and underlying medical conditions. 

Machines & Products Used in Medical-Grade Facials

For a medical grade hydrafacial in Brampton, a certified or licensed specialist uses the appropriate advanced technology and products to meet the specific skin issues of each individual patient.. 

With a hydrafacial, the skin cells are exfoliated with a mixture of glycolic and salicylic acids to remove the dead skin cells. Specialized equipment acts as a vacuum for the skin for a proper cleansing. Based on the skin’s health, designated serums and moisturizers are injected deep into the under layers of the skin to rejuvenate and protect the skin cells. 

Contact Heart Lake Aesthetics in Brampton, Caledon, and Georgetown for Medical-Grade Facials

For an effective and safe Hydrafacial treatment in Brampton, see the skincare specialists of Heart Lake Aesthetics. Our certified technicians offer personalized care treatments based on the needs and health of your skin. For more than 10 years, our enhanced aesthetic procedures have been helping people across the GTA. Call us today at (647) 324-9255 to book an appointment! 

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