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Unlock Radiant Skin: How Facial Laser Treatments Erases Sun Damage for Good

Basking in the warmth of the sun is a popular pastime for many Canadians during the summer months. The downside, however, is that the sun’s ultraviolet rays can have damaging effects on your skin. If your skin is suffering from sun damage, here’s how facial laser treatments can help you say good-bye to spots, enlarged pores, and sagging skin for good.

Sun Damage Demystified: The Effects of Sun Exposure on Skin

Over time, various lifestyle choices and environmental factors change the structure of our skin cells, causing us to lose elasticity, develop fine lines and wrinkles, and see sunspots appear. Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light destroys the collagen and elastin within our skin cells resulting in noticeable damage. 

Sunspots and an uneven skin tone are evident without these essential proteins. In addition to rejuvenating the skin, collagen and elastin help to strengthen our blood vessels. UV light has two main components known as ultraviolet A (UVA) and ultraviolet B (UVB) which are responsible for the visible and nonvisible signs of aging.

The Saviour: Facial Laser Treatment 

To combat these common occurrences, laser treatments for sun damage are clinically proven procedures recommended by skin specialists. Whether the Photofacial (IPL) or Hollywood Laser Peel is chosen, using a pulsed light therapy technique, facial laser treatments use a wide continuum of light wavelengths to penetrate the layers of the skin. 

Known as a painless therapy, the targeted area is thoroughly cleansed before a gel is applied to the skin surface. The non-invasive treatment repairs damaged skin cells while stimulating regenerating new cells for rejuvenated and fresh-looking skin. 

Erase the Past: How Laser Treatment Removes Sun Damage 

This may seem too good to be true. Rest assured, the science and technology of using facial laser treatment makes it one of the more effective therapies today. Using low-level laser technology, this light energy penetrates the deep layers of the skin. 

Within the skin cells, the mitochondria (energy that controls the cell’s biochemical reactions) absorb the light and stimulate a boost in the production of new cells, including the collagen protein. 

This continuous light pulse increases the healing response of damaged cells while erasing the signs of sunspots and sun-damaged skin. 

Before and After: What to Expect from Laser Treatment 

As with any skincare treatment, a facial laser treatment requires a few preparation and aftercare provisions to obtain optimal results. 

Two weeks before the session, it is recommended not to use tanning beds or products, avoid excessive sun exposure, and refrain from waxing and chemical peels. The day before and on the day of the treatment, do not use anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin, or any facial skincare products that could irritate the skin. 

In the hours and days following a facial laser treatment, the targeted area may appear pink and/or be sensitive with a tingling sensation. Cold packs may be applied to ease discomfort and any swelling. The skin should be free of lotion and makeup for the first 24 hours to allow natural healing of the skin cells. 

The Power of Continuity: Maintaining Your Skin Post-Treatment 

Once the initial healing period is complete, there is a post-treatment skincare routine to follow in the weeks and months following a facial laser treatment.  

  • Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection daily, regardless of sun exposure.
  • Only use lukewarm or cool water when washing the face.
  • Use a daily facial moisturizer recommended by your skin specialist.
  • Use antioxidant-induced facial cream in the morning and a facial cream with retinoids in the evening.
  • Wear a hat to shade the face when exposed to the sun.

Learn the Effectiveness of Facial Laser Treatment at Heart Lake Aesthetics

As a leading skincare clinic in Brampton, Heart Lake Aesthetics provides a variety of scientific-based treatments and procedures for issues such as sun-damaged skin. Our team of specialists offer effective facial laser treatments in a safe and modern environment. 

Call us today at (647) 324-9255 or drop us an email at info@heartlakeaestehtics.com to have all your questions and concerns addressed.

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