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How does PRP treatment help Tennis Elbow?

The Tennis Elbow syndrome often occurs to people who often play tennis, badminton and exercise their elbows a lot. Symptoms of Tennis Elbow often appear due to overworking the elbow area when practicing without good preparation beforehand.

The current best treatment method is injecting autologous fresh platelet-rich plasma. Our advanced PRP Brampton clinic has applied autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection as a “miracle” for many athletes to treat early-stage injuries and shorten training time, prolonging their professional careers.

How does the Tennis Elbow syndrome work?

The Tennis Elbow syndrome is pain caused by inflammation at the lateral condylar attachment point of the carpal extensor tendon group. Usually, due to repetitive movements of the wrist and arm, you can often feel pain when you straighten your arm.

Despite its name, tennis players are not the only ones suffering from this syndrome. People who play badminton, golf, bowling, women who do housework such as carrying heavy things, doing laundry, etc., have also often experienced this syndrome.

Symptoms of The Tennis Elbow syndrome

Symptoms of the Tennis Elbow syndrome are quite varied. It also depends on how much damage you have. Overall, pain is the most common symptom. However, you may also experience some other symptoms. Some of the symptoms you experience are:

  • Elbow pain: The degree of pain is also very variable. Initially, the pain may be mild. After that, the pain can gradually increase to a severe level. Pain may radiate from the outside of the elbow to the forearm and wrist.
  • Initially, the pain only occurs when performing certain movements such as bending the elbow, leaning forward, raising the forearm, or carrying a heavy object. In more severe cases, pain often occurs even when not playing sports. Pain cannot hold heavy objects, wring clothes, open bottles, or drive.
  • Fatigue when holding objects, swelling, heat, and/or redness of the skin above the outer condyle.

PRP injection with ultrasound guidance

Our PRP Brampton team is the pioneer medical team in PRP application. Our treatment cycle is organized as a closed-loop, bringing a breakthrough in pain treatment for patients.

PRP specialists will perform the procedure with the help of the most modern equipment such as an ultrasound machine specifically for tendons, ligaments and joints (GE LOGIQ S8) and a platelet-rich plasma separator (GE LOGIQ S8). ORTO ALRESA).

Blood taken from the patient’s own venous blood is extracted by a machine to extract the platelet-rich plasma, which is injected into the lesion with a single injection. The procedure is done on the same day, no hospitalization is required.

The treatment cycle is performed in 1 month, including three injections. The first and second times are one week apart. For the 2nd and 3rd time, the downtime will be three weeks apart.

Based on the results of the direct examination, assessment of the pain nature and through the image of the lesion seen on the ultrasound machine, in addition to treatment with platelet-rich plasma injection, our PRP treatment Brampton specialist will directly guide and advise patients on an appropriate exercise regimen after each injection.

The Bottom Line

If you have a sports injury, contact our office to learn about the PRP treatment Brampton has to offer so that you or your loved ones can return to practicing and playing sports as soon as possible.

You can simply call our PRP Brampton clinic or register online for an appointment for direct consultation.

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